The short answer is, YES! There are a few unique factors in place this go around, but right now our local real estate market is brimming with buyers eager to take advantage of low interest rates, and with not enough properties to go around, sale prices are skyrocketing!

As an example, if you were thinking about selling your medium sized home in Concord last year at this time, the median sales price for a 3 bed, 2 bath home was $685,000 with properties on the market about 10 days. This year, that median sales price is $800,000 and are going pending in 7 days!

If you are at all in a position where,

You’ve been thinking about downsizing but unsure about timing

You’ve been thinking of moving out of the area, or out of State

You’ve been wanting or by necessity need to make a move to a different type of housing.

We can make all those scenarios work in your favor right now being that now is the time you can get THE MOST VALUE FOR YOUR EXISTING HOME.

Moving can be daunting, maybe that’s why you’ve been putting it off. Leaving your home is difficult. Let me walk you through it. Let’s create a plan where you can capture all that value, and get on to the next phase.

Even if selling doesn’t end up being the option that works best for you. Send me a quick email here and let’s review your scenario together. It’s my pleasure to help.